We act for a wide range of clients from first-time home buyers to experienced investors.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law is concerned with a wide range of legal disciplines. Simply put, it is the law that governs who may own and use land – whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes. This type of law also governs a number of components that go into the process of buying and selling or investing in property or business premises. This is in order to ensure that transactions are thoroughly conducted and recorded.

Real estate law is also based on the local government’s rules and regulations, such as zoning laws and environmental considerations.

Some specific areas that real estate law is concerned with include:

  • Real estate rights and obligations
  • Property subdivision
  • The registration systems
  • Family law issues
  • Tax rules
  • Ownership and title rules
  • Liabilities of buyers and sellers
  • Finance and banking regulations
  • Business premises leases
  • Environmental law and climate change

Working with Real Estate Attorneys

Every property is different, and working with a real estate attorney can help you avoid common pitfalls to ensure the protection of the property for your future enjoyment or the success of your business.  While it is not legally required to work with an attorney during all real estate transactions, it can prove to be fruitful in many situations. For example, real estate attorneys can conduct a transaction history review to ensure that a residential property has no unknown owners attached to it.

In addition to this, attorneys can also work with clients to provide valuable insight on appropriate mortgaging options and are helpful for negotiating and writing up fair and balanced contracts of sale.

Other things real estate attorneys can do:

  • Handle tax law affairs
  • Provide insight on landlord-tenant laws
  • Conduct estate planning
  • Handle insurance law matters
  • Review liabilities concerning accidents and injuries

 What We Do

At NLPC, we know that your real estate transactions are your highest priority. Whether buying or selling a home, or investing in a property or business premises, our clients know that our experience in Ottawa and across the province lets us ensure their deal is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We act for a wide range of clients, from first-time home buyers to experienced investors, and treat each file with the full attention it requires, with our trusted, efficient and friendly service.

With over 27 years experience, NLPC is committed to delivering the best experience we can in providing legal services for your real estate transaction, creating flexible, innovative solutions that help ensure that you obtain exactly the property you intended.

Affordable Flat Rates

We are also proud to provide affordable flat rates, with no surprises! Our flat rates include our legal fees for properties under $500,000, full title search with plans, disbursements for couriers, paralegals, faxes, communications with lenders, photocopies, legal fee for discharge of first mortgage (sales) and Law Society Transaction Levy (sales).

 The disbursements for land transfer tax, registrations, discharge of existing mortgage, if any, and title insurance is not included in our quotes. All quotes are considered final once agreed in writing by both parties.

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