We’ve got a wide range of legal services.

We advise corporations, partnerships, and individuals with respect to incorporation, acquisitions, mergers, corporate reorganizations and licensing, distribution and other commercial contracts.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate and commercial law seeks to help public and private companies operate optimally within given guidelines. Business environments are continually evolving along with the law, so each miniscule change can have an impact on a business, no matter the industry.

Some areas corporate and commercial law can be concerned with include:

  • Financial Services
  • Franchising
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Corporate Governance & Shareholder Agreements

… and many more!

The range that corporate and commercial law covers is expansive. This is why we at NLPC believe that every management team needs key legal advisors who are experts in various business sectors. We are well equipped to examine the inner workings of your company, and we offer up-to-date strategic counsel and sound advice for common legal problems you could be facing.


Legal advising can also be used as a tool for building stronger, more defined and profitable businesses.

In general, legal advisors can help with a number of tasks that a business may need. For example, they can help maintain a company’s organizational structure, take care of tax-related affairs, negotiate and prepare contracts and agreements, organize financing transactions, provide counselling on a range of business issues, assist in matters of corporate expansion and management of assets, as well as offer assistance during litigation or disputes with partners or shareholders.

Other reasons legal advisors can prove to be fruitful for your business include:

  • They are excellent at maintaining files and records
  • They keep companies in good standing with provincial and federal authorities
  • Their integrated teams defend all types of client interests
  • They are cost-effective and can save your business a lot of wasted time!

What We Do

At NLPC, we treat every case uniquely and pride ourselves on working with a range of specialties capital markets. For one, We advise corporations, partnerships, and individuals with respect to incorporation, shareholder agreements, acquisitions, mergers, corporate reorganizations, franchising and licensing, distribution and other commercial contracts.

We pride ourselves on creating custom solutions tailored to every client’s specific needs, based on your particular field of business, finances, employees, resources, and future goals.

Our clients know that they can count on us to be accessible and prompt in responding to their needs and to put the full resources of the firm at their disposal to achieve a functional and flexible structure for their business.

No matter the size of your business, our experience in business practice can help you maximize its potential. We treat day-to-day filings with the same priority as important transactions or major corporate changes, giving practical guidance to help your business ventures succeed.

We believe that a sound understanding of the client’s need is the basis of a successful working relationship. Therefore, we pride ourselves in being good listeners and we work closely with clients to ensure the development of an effective long-term relationship. We strongly believe this approach enables us to maintain our tradition of providing innovative, solution-directed legal services of the highest quality. 

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