By Published On: May 30, 2024

Date: May 29, 2024
Source: The PIE News

Author: Abhishek Nair

In a recent article on The PIE News, our lawyer Daljit Nirman was quoted commenting on the ongoing protests by international graduates against the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) changes in Prince Edward Island (P.E.I), Canada.


Hundreds of international students and workers, primarily from India, have been protesting since May 9, 2024. The P.E.I government plans to reduce the number of nominees for permanent residency by 25% this year, prioritizing immigrants in specific occupations like healthcare and construction. This policy change has severely impacted those in the retail, food, and service industries.

Key Points from Daljit Nirman:

  • Aggressive Recruitment Practices: Nirman highlighted the aggressive recruitment strategies by college and university lobbyists, leading to uncontrolled international student enrollments. These practices have overwhelmed the educational infrastructure and local communities, causing housing shortages, limited services, and reduced educational quality.
  • Government Responsibility: Nirman stressed the importance of the government upholding its promises to international students who have legally entered Canada, often at great personal expense. He emphasized that these students should not be victimized by sudden policy changes and called for efforts to rehabilitate and support them.

Protesters’ Demands:

  1. Grandfathering into the PNP System: Allow students with legitimate work permits before the policy change to stay under the previous framework.
  2. Fair PNP Draws: Eliminate the points system that disproportionately affects younger individuals in non-prioritized industries.
  3. Extension of Work Permits: Provide more time for students to meet the new PR requirements.

The protests have included a hunger strike and significant public demonstrations, reflecting the deep frustration and sense of injustice among the affected graduates. The situation remains dynamic, with continued pressure on the P.E.I government to reconsider its policy stance.

For more detailed information, visit the full article on The PIE News


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