Canada is dedicated to strengthening connections between Canadians and the Indo-Pacific region. To achieve this, a new application processing centre in Manila, Philippines, was announced by Rechie Valdez, Member of Parliament for Mississauga—Streetsville, on behalf of Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Honourable Sean Fraser. This centre, situated within Canada’s Embassy in Manila, is a crucial investment that will support immigration application processing within Canada’s centralized network and abroad. It’s part of Canada’s efforts to manage the high volume of visa applications from around the world and improve client services, as well as to meet the country’s planned increases in immigration levels. With a broader international presence, Canada aims to attract more people to visit, study, work or immigrate to the country.

To strengthen people-to-people exchanges, Canada will bolster visa-processing capacities in key regional locations to ease access for students and family members. This initiative will enhance visa-processing capacity within Canada’s centralized network and abroad in New Delhi and Chandigarh, India; Islamabad, Pakistan; and Manila, Philippines. These new resources will support ongoing efforts to accommodate the high volume of temporary resident visa applications (including visas, study permits, and work permits) from the region.

Canada will also facilitate travel to and from the region to strengthen people-to-people ties and bolster tourism using different tools, such as the new and modernized Air Transport Agreements. Canada is committed to exploring options to facilitate travel further, making travel to Canada easier, faster and safer for everyone.

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Moreover, Canada will leverage its reputation as a top education destination by launching over 1,000 scholarship and fellowship opportunities for Canadian students and for students from ASEAN countries. Canada is committed to strengthening its international student program with permanent residence and job opportunities for students from the Indo-Pacific that could lead to staying in Canada to contribute to Canada’s future. These investments will attract highly skilled workers to Canada to meet the needs of our economy today and into the future.

To promote greater inclusion, Canada will fight against anti-Asian racism in Canada, in all its forms, through the full implementation of the federal Anti-Racism Strategy. Canada will also foster greater inclusion of Canadian diaspora communities of Indo-Pacific heritage through expanded cultural initiatives.

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