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Obtaining refugee status in Canada is a complicated process. To be eligible for refugee status, applicants must establish their Basis of Claim (BOC) — that is, they must demonstrate to the government why they cannot return home safely. Understanding and preparing your Basis of Claim is essential for any individual hoping to be granted refugee status in Canada. 

What is the Basis of Claim (BOC) Form?

The Basis of Claim (BOC) Form is essential to the Canadian refugee process. The application form allows a person to submit their case for refugee protection to the Refugee Protection Division (RPD). The BOC Form includes important information about the identity of the applicant, their family, their travel history and documents, and why they are claiming refugee protection in Canada. This information is used by officials at the RPD to assess whether an individual qualifies as a refugee under Canadian immigration law.

By providing this information in the BOC Form, applicants can demonstrate that they meet one or more criteria for being granted refugee status according to Canadian laws. This includes demonstrating that they have experienced persecution or fear of due to race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. By completing the BOC Form accurately and completely with sufficient detail and evidence, applicants can increase their chances of being granted asylum in Canada.

In addition to providing basic information about themselves and why they are claiming refugee protection in Canada, applicants must also make sure that any documents they include with their BOC Forms are accurate and up-to-date. This includes any birth certificates or passports identifying them as well as any documentation proving their claims such as newspaper articles or written testimony from individuals who can attest to their experiences of persecution. Submitting these documents, along with complete and accurate details on the BOC Form, helps officials from the RPD determine whether an individual meets the qualifications for being granted asylum in Canada.

How Can I Prepare a Basis of Claim?   

It is vitally important for anyone applying for refugee status in Canada to submit a comprehensive and accurate Basis of Claim form and all other pertinent documents requested by government officials. By doing so, applicants significantly improve their chances of being granted asylum in Canada under applicable immigration laws.

It can be difficult for individuals making a refugee claim in Canada to know exactly what information should be included on their Basis of Claim form. That’s why a refugee client needs to seek professional help from someone with experience dealing with such cases. An refugee lawyer or a registered immigration consultant can help ensure that all necessary documents and supporting evidence are included when applying, so there is no delay in processing your claim.  


Understanding how the Basis of Claim works can help individuals making a refugee claim get through the process more quickly and efficiently. Preparing your Basis of Claim requires careful consideration since each case is unique, so seeking professional help from an experienced lawyer or registered immigration consultant can make all the difference when it comes time to submit your application and get one step closer towards achieving refugee status in Canada.

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