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Ambitious entrepreneurs are falling more inspired by the success of large companies and corporations. New companies are popping up all over the country with the hope of creating a thriving business.

A new company will go to great lengths to hire the best in the industry to help lead their business to success. Executives, marketers, assistants, and of course, an accountant are among the most common employed by many businesses. Though, without the expertise of a corporate lawyer to protect the company from external impending legal factors, and act on behalf of the company in times of need, the likelihood of finding success significantly diminishes.

As corporate law experts we have met with many clients who simply don’t know what all a corporate lawyer can do for their company, ensuring their hard work is protected from a legal standpoint.

In this article, we will detail what a corporate lawyer can do for your company, common areas of expertise which a corporate lawyer can provide, and more importantly, help companies distinguish what exactly a corporate lawyer is.

What Is A Corporate Lawyer?

Before jumping into what a corporate lawyer can do for your company, let us first explain what a corporate lawyer actually is.

In layman’s terms, a corporate lawyer is a lawyer who has specialized in a specific area of practice referred to as “corporate law”. This means the lawyer has a deep knowledge and understanding of how a company can continue to run its business while following the legal requirements and obligations placed during a company’s operation.

In addition, a corporate lawyer, on behalf of the company, write and review legal contracts, create employee and employer agreements, assist throughout the process of an acquisition or merger, provide tax law expertise, and act as the legal counsel during a corporate lawsuit.

What Can A Corporate Lawyer Help My Business With?

As mentioned, a corporate lawyer can aid in many facets of legally protecting your company. Some of the most common of which are detailed below. These include:

Writing and Reviewing Contracts

Whether your company is contracting a third-party vendor to complete a project, or, your company requires terms and condition documents to be created and distributed to suppliers and consumers,  a corporate lawyer will ensure these contracts are legally binding, detailing each nuance of each term. A corporate lawyer can also collect these on behalf of your company.

Creating Employee And Employer Agreements

As a company operating with employees, your company has certain legal obligations it must uphold. A corporate lawyer can ensure those legal obligations are met by creating company employer agreements, non-disclosure forms, confidentiality agreements, as well as non-compete clauses. These documents are crucial to ensure the full protection of your company from employees and vise versa.

Assisting With Acquisition And/Or Mergers

An acquisition or merger could be the highlight of a company’s success. Though, without a corporate lawyer to assist during this process, the transition from one owner to another could be a logistical nightmare.

During an acquisition or merger, a corporate lawyer will ensure all documentation is in order, agreements have been signed and delivered to their respective parties and due diligence has been documented and completed. In addition, a corporate lawyer can also assist with collecting any funds as a result of the acquisition or merger.

Providing Tax Law Expertise

It’s inevitable.

Your company is required by law to file and pay taxes. Typically the filing of tax forms will be handled by the company’s accountant, however, a corporate lawyer can assist with any legal requirements which fall under tax law. This can include reviewing supplemental tax documents or collection and/or distribution of tax fees.

Acting As Legal Counsel During A Lawsuit

If you are operating as a company, the fear of getting sued may not initially come to mind.

However, the unfortunate truth is that many companies will have to deal with a lawsuit at some point. This is when enlisting the aid of a corporate law firm or corporate lawyer is most beneficial.

While there are many steps one must take after being served with a lawsuit, your company should first inform its lawyer.

In this case, your corporate lawyer will carefully review the lawsuit, advising on the actions required by your company in order to exercise your right to defend the lawsuit. The lawyer will also loop in any other company resources such as the company’s insurance agent.

Depending on the nature of the lawsuit, your lawyer will be able to advise and set in motion a countersuit should the need be required.

Above all, your corporate lawyer will act on behalf of your company to review allegations, round up and interview witnesses (if required), facilitate and moderate mediations, attend court hearings, etc.

Of course, not all corporate lawsuits are created equally, though, with a corporate lawyer they will be able to guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Does My Company Need A Corporate Lawyer?

It is quite common for business owners and companies to think to assume that since they have run into any legal issues in the past that they likely won’t need to hire a corporate lawyer.

Unfortunately for those companies, that simply is not the case.

Without the aid and guidance of a corporate lawyer, your business or company could fall victim to legal ramifications which could render your company virtually non-existent.

If you are still unsure of what a corporate lawyer can do for your company, you can reach out to and speak with corporate lawyer directly from Nirman’s Law.

Where Can I Find A Corporate Lawyer?

Many law firms offer clients both corporate and commercial law as an area of practice, however, only a select few of these law firms will have the depth of knowledge required to provide companies and business owners with the assurance of being able to handle whatever they can throw at them.

Nirman’s Law has served its community for nearly three decades, with a proven track record in offering clients expert legal guidance.  

Final Thoughts

For business owners, large corporations and small to medium sized companies, enlisting the aid of a corporate lawyer or corporate law team can save time and potentially even millions of dollars as a corporate lawyer can ensure the legal rights and obligations of your company have been met and are legally protected.

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