By Published On: May 31, 2022

Thinking of hiring a wills lawyer in Ottawa? Are you sure that you have done your research and know what to expect? If not, here are some things that you need to talk about before you hire the lawyer:

What Should I Expect in the First Meeting and How Much Will This Cost Me?

The first that you do when you want your will to be in place is to call your lawyer because this is a great way to see if the lawyer is right for you or not. You want to make sure that you hire someone who communicates with you and calls you back in case of emergencies. The first meeting is all about knowing the lawyer and to get the information that you will need to make your will. Ideally, when you leave the lawyer’s office, you should know what you want to do next in order to have your legal affairs in place.

Will You Be Looking at My Documents Regularly?

Most of the people think that once they are done with making the legal documents their job is done. However, a lot of times people realize much later that they don’t own the proper documents or that their will is out of date. These failures are mainly the lawyer’s fault that they don’t review and update the documents regularly. It is highly recommended that you look for a lawyer who has a membership program so that you can consult them whenever you need financial and legal advice.

Will You Check If the Business Is In Compliance and the Assets Are Rightly Titled?

You may think that you have the best legal plan for your family but if your business is not in compliance and your assets are not titled correctly, the legal documents can’t help you much. You need to hire someone who puts the documents in place for you, keeps the business in full compliance, as well as sees if the assets are rightly titled.

Will You Be Able to Help Me With My Retirement Plan and Insurance?

Your lawyer needs to help you in taking smart decisions that will help you and your business. If you get a business lawyer, they should be guiding you about trademarking and copyrighting as well as hiring and firing because this helps your business to grow.

What Can You Do To Make Sure That My Kids Don’t Lose Their Inheritance to Predators?

One of the main concerns that any parent has is what will happen to their children and the inheritance if they pass away. This is the reason why it is important that you talk to your lawyer about how your children to get control of their inheritance without any risks.

Is There Any Guarantee Of Your Services?

You are more likely to get a guarantee from a lawyer who is billing you on a package as opposed to the one who will charge you on an hourly basis. If the lawyer does not give a guarantee of their services, you might want to consider other options.

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