We have some fantastic support from philanthropists, distinguished community members, and business leaders in our community. Check them out!


The STEP program has been instrumental in the saving of lives of many young people.  My late friend Mauril Belanger, M.P. who was a STEP champion would be proud of the progress and achievements of this much needed program.  Thank you to those who have STEP-ped up to organize and carry out this fund raising event. 

Lawrence Greenspon, Lawyer

Dr. Inderjit Singh Sambi

“We are very pleased to support Cooking Up Community Services 2nd annual event organized in support of project step to educate and prevent youth addictions.  It is becoming a National menace and must be eradicated.”   I request everyone to come and enjoy the breakfast and support the cause.

Dr. Inderjit Singh Sambi, President, Ottawa, Sikh Society.

Michael pic
  • “I’m happy to support the 2nd Annual Cooking Up Community Services breakfast. I’m especially happy that this free breakfast at Eggspectation on Bank Street will raise funds in support of United Way Ottawa’s Project Step. Project Step is a vital program that provides youth with potentially lifesaving information about the risks of substance use and abuse. Congratulations to the organizers for throwing their efforts behind such an important cause.
    I’ll be there on September 12 – I hope to see you there too.

Michael O’Byrne, CTV News@Noon Anchor

Joanne Schnurr

“As a journalist, I have reported on the struggles of our youth who are dealing with mental health challenges.  As a mother, I know how important support and education are to help our children excel.  I congratulate Daljit Nirman and his team for their tireless work in creating a conversation around this important issue and in raising awareness and funds to help those in need.”

Joanne Schnurr, CTV Ottawa reporter


“It’s vitally important for the community to work together to support young people as they face the extraordinary challenges of progressing toward adulthood. Project step’s partnership does exactly that by offering wrap-around support for youth and their families who are dealing with addictions, plus education and prevention of substance abuse. Together, the four pillars of Project step – support, treatment, education and prevention – comprise a powerful and effective community solution.”

Mark Sutcliffe, Broadcaster, writer, entrepreneur

Uday Jaswal

“Safe and healthy communities is inclusive society. Supporting Project STEP is one way we can demonstrate to our youth that they matter. By ensuring that they have access to the critical mental health and addictions supports they might need, you are providing them hope and the opportunity for a better future. And in the process, we can all be part of building a better Ottawa together.  Hope to see you on September 12 to support this worthy cause.”  

Uday Singh Jaswal,  Deputy Chief, Durham Regional Police Service Deputy Chief Designate, Ottawa Police Service

Cuckoo Kochar 1

“As a grandfather and business leader I am very pleased to support Cooking Up Community Services event organized by Daljit Nirman and Vinod Chaudhary in support of the project step which is a community response to address the need for support, treatment, education and prevention of youth addictions. I request everyone to join us, enjoy the hot breakfast and support the cause.”

Cuckoo Kochar, President, CEO DCR Phoenix Group of Companies

Anand Aggarwal

I am so happy to endorse the community efforts of Cooking Up Community Services to help our youth mental and abuse issues arising from drug and /or Alcohol overuse. This abuse is becoming worldwide phenomenon and must be curtailed for overall good for all Youths and country as a whole. 

Anand Aggarwal, President, Manor Park Developments

Dr Pradeep Merchant

“Addiction and mental health is a huge problem and burden on our society. It is an epidemic which is affecting largely the youth and it leads to devastation in their respective lives and eventual loss to the society.  I believe that proper information and education prior to getting suck into such addiction and dependency could have been prevented.  I applaud the entire team of Cooking Up Community Services of initiating such dialogues.”

Dr. Pradeep Merchant, Site Chief, Division of Neonatology, Ottawa Hospital

Kanwal Talwar

The 2nd annual fund raising ” Cooking Up Community Services” to offer free buffet breakfast to support the cause for our Ottawa Youths and improve their lives is a laudatory initiative. Indo-Canadian Community Centre supports such community initiatives, and I myself admire and whole-heartedly support this worthy cause.

Kanwal Talwar, President and Philanthropist, Indo-Canadian Community Centre

Jasdeep Bajwa

“I would like to congratulate Mr. Daljit Nirman and his entire team for organizing second annual Cooking Up Community Services event and raising funds for such an important cause PROJECT STEP which provides care, counseling and treatment to youth with substance abuse in Ottawa area.  I applaud the efforts and request everyone to support the cause by donating, volunteer and spreading the word.” 

Sgt. Jasdeep Bajwa, Ottawa Police Service.

Karen Ann Reid

“I am grateful to Daljit Nirman and his team for promotion of the 2nd Annual Cooking Up Community Services Breakfast at Eggspectation in support of project step. Those among us who act for young people in conflict with the law know that addiction and mental health issues put their schooling in jeopardy. project step is a crucial resource that helps at-risk youth identify and address these issues.” 

Karen Ann Reid, Barrister


“Proud to be part of an amazing cause for our Ottawa Youths initiated by Cooking Up Community Services through project STEP in partnership with United Way Ottawa that benefits society as a whole.”  

Hunsdeep Rangar, CHIN 97.9 Multicultural Radio

Surinder and Jagjeet Sharma
“As founder, members of Ottawa ethnic media we support worthy community initiative Project Step taken by the team of Cooking Up Community Services. Congratulations to organizers for pursuing such a noble cause.”
Surinder & Jagjeet Sharma, Asian Sounds, CKCU 93.1 FM
Michael Headshot

“Project step is an important community-wide response to youth addictions in Ottawa. The services provided through project step meet kids where they are, and make sure youth can achieve the healthy and balanced life they deserve.  We are thrilled to partner with Nirman’s Law and Eggspectation in support of this vital initiative.” 

Michael Allen, President & CEO United Way Ottawa 

Jerry HS

No one is more important than our youth, they are our future. As community leaders it’s our responsibility to ensure our youth are guided on the right path. Youth initiative events throughout our city depend on events such as 2nd Annual Cooking Up Community Services breakfast. Congratulations to Daljit Nirman, Vinod Chaudhary and his team for stepping-up and hosting this event to insure that much needed programs like STEP continue and thrive. I’m honored to take part in this event.


Jerry Absi, CHIN Radio 97.9 Arabic Radio

Baljit Nagpal

Aap ki Farmiash multicultural radio channel is proud to be part of this community initiative in support of project STEP on September 12, 2018.

Baljit Nagpal and Anupama Potdar,  Aap ki Farmiash multicultural radio